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Mod of Kittens and Rainbows

also the lair of Darth Fluffle

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  • simsforaranya@livejournal.com
23, student-teacher, writer, simmer. And that's all you get to know without really knowing me. :D

This is my Sims 2 Legacies and stories journal. My personal journal is jessalie_aranya. I occasionally post personal things here, but yeah, if you don't like sims, this really isn't the right journal for you. XD
If you like something from one of my legacies, feel free to ask! I may just remember or be able to figure it out. XD

Awesome communities you really should look at:

crystal_ridge - the home of my Build a City Challenge.

pixel_trade - share your sims! Also houses legacies, stories, etc featuring shared sims.

wcif_sims - saw a bit of CC in someone's legacy, but don't want to bug the poor author? Feel free to ask your questions here.

wella_creations - a place where creators can share their creations, outside of sites such as MTS2.

awesimsauce - home for the rules of the Awesomesauce Challenge, created to take our favorite elements of gameplay and combine them with the things we tend to ignore. New! Sims 3 rules are available!

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