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Additionally, since when does LJ only let you go back 70 entries on your flist?? @___@

So, yeah. I've been gone for AGES, so I've missed things. D:
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Heya, lovely peoples.

I'm aware that my pictures are all dead. They were hosted on a friend's website, which disappeared on me without warning. I'm trying to find out if the site will still have all my stuff on it if I buy it, but yeah. If the things that were on the site are all gone, I won't be able to restore a lot of my entries. But I will do what I can! ♥
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Lucy's Valley: Week Three - Benson-Fennel

Before I say anything else, I want to point out that I'm a silly person and give a massive apology to alleliua. I've been typing their username as alleluia for like a million years and never noticed until the second person deleted and I had a heart attack thinking that alleliua had deleted. Yeah. A FOOL, I AM. And a sorry one, at that. *hug*

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Lucy's Valley: Week Three - Benson

Apologies for the long silence on my part. I was house-hunting, then packing, and now I've moved! I haven't quite worked out where I'll be doing my simming, since I need a mouse, and my new room can't fit a desk. Since I'll only play in the evenings when my roommate is working, I CAN play at the kitchen table, but that always feels weird. I might claim the decorative table in the guest room, but it is FREEZING in there. @_@ ANYWAY. UPDATESSSS. The "where do I play??" issue won't be apparent for a while, since I have entirely too many updates waiting to post. I'm going to TRY and get most of them posted before my work schedule picks up. Onwards!

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I've ended up doing bounce-trips* to Auckland twice in the last two days, to deal with one specific real estate personage. On Monday, I went to view a property which was NOTHING like the pictures, was less than amused, and was going to let things lie. Neha (my roommate) didn't know I'd gone to see that property, called the agent, and the agent told her I'd been there, and was asking if she could ask why we didn't go for the one I saw on Monday. We told her, and then were told that WELL, ACTUALLY the property that looked like the pictures was a different apartment in the same building, and I could see it on Tuesday. So I went. It was LOVELY AND WE WANT IT. But the agent says someone else has applied for it, and she'll call me today (Wednesday) and let me know if I should still apply. Two hours later, when I'm still driving home, I get a text, asking me to send in an application. I fill it out over the phone when Neha gets off work (at 10:30, ick, after teaching all day and then driving to and from Auckland in the pouring rain and eeewww city traffic), email it in before midnight, and crash.

Cut to this morning, when I get ANOTHER text from the agent saying that she's decided to offer it to us, and can I please come sign papers and make the deposit this afternoon, at 2.

ONLY I AM TEACHING THIS AFTERNOON. I reply, explaining this, and ask to move the signing stuff to tomorrow.


/mad flailing

*bounce-trips are going to Auckland, doing one specific thing, and then going home

Download: ROS files for Supernatural Genetics

Necile sent me a message a while ago when I talked about my sims "rolling" supernatural conditions. I have been using dice to determine whether or not my sims carry on their parents' supernatural "conditions", but she had a FAB idea for turning this concept into a ROS file!

And so, with a lot of much-needed nagging from Necile, I bring you two ROS files, for your enjoyment.
The "heavy" file is the one I'm currently using. It will give your sims a 2-in-6 chance of the following three options: Creature, Carrier, Clean. It is up to you to determine if "Carriers" display any aspect of their supernatural condition.

The "light" file is for those who don't want a game overrun with supernaturals. With this file, it is 1/6 for Creature, 2/6 for Carrier, and 4/6 for Clean.

My recommendation is to use the "light" file for the children of Carriers. It makes more sense to me, but, as always, it is YOUR game, so you get to pick. XD

If you want to really run these how I do, please refer to the following list:

Aliens: I treat aliens as being "creatures" if they display alien genes, and roll for ones that do not have the skins/eyes/ears. I also use the alien pregnancy rules I developed in the story Seahorse and through my Crystal Ridge BACC. The short version of this is that if a male sim is of alien descent OR has given birth to alien babies, they have a chance of getting pregnant by woohoo with another sim. I generally roll odds for this with the same odds as I have set with riskywoohoo (no actual numbers given due to my tendency to change the odds all the time) Aliens created in CAS do NOT have this special condition. (so, if you're reading Lucy's Valley, Taliesin doesn't count as an alien in regards to pregnancy, while Andi will be able to pass on the ability to get pregnant to any male children she might have)

Vampires: No special rules, though I'm planning on making the change at the adult birthday, rather than the teen one, to avoid crispy teenagers.

Werewolves: No special rules.

Plantsims: If a sim is born via the "spawn plantbaby" option, they may be cured as a toddler, in order to give them a proper childhood, though this is not required. They are not given a random roll for their supernatural condition, but rather are always turned back into a creature on their adult birthday.

Witches/Warlocks: I treat these as THREE SEPARATE supernatural conditions. A good witch can only pass on the good magic gene. Ditto evil and neutral (you'll have to use cheats to pass on the neutral magic gene, since sims have to be completely evil or completely good to do the transforming spell). If you end up with a child of a good and an evil magic user, and roll 'creature' for both races, which you choose to pursue is your choice. I'd make up some big drama, but that is just me. ;)

On the children of two DIFFERENT supernaturals: I'd roll for both conditions, but not require myself to enforce both conditions, if the sim rolls "creature" for both. Especially with something like a plantsim and a vampire, goodness.

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: Rolling these with the ROS will NOT magically cause your sim to inherit the supernatural condition when they hit the appropriate age. You'll have to use your own methods to cause it to happen. I use a combination of normal game ways (a spell for witches, savaging for werewolves, biting for vampires) and hacks (pollen prank makes plantsims, creature transformer painting thing) depending on my mood/the sim in question.




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So, uh, I'm a noodle.

In preparing the images for the Week 3 Cuevas update, I noticed that I've written 'week 2' on ALL the Week 3 teasers. Way to go, self. I've fixed them all the way up to the Montgomery update, but still feel exceedingly silly. XD

Lucy's Valley: Week Three - Fennel

[Before getting started on this entry, I'm going to talk about WRITING.] Writing is important to me, and I have the feeling it is important to a number of you too. Writing can be incredibly rewarding or utterly frustrating. I've been struggling with how to make a series work for, well, a long time. I finally came up with a solution that I thought could work, but then I started second-guessing myself and managed to convince myself that I SUCK and it would never be decent.

Enter the Writing Friend. If you are a writer, and you don't have a Writing Friend, you are missing out. Preferably the Writing Friend should be someone that is familiar with your work (so you can talk style over content, when that is needed), who likes IT and YOU, but who will be completely honest and say, "sweetie, that is a bad choice." I summoned my Writing Friend last night, and she helped me work through my dilemma (skyping until midnight, heh) and BLISS. I now know what I'm going to do, and the feeling of being happy with the direction your story is going? Nothing compares. So, yes. If you're a writer and don't have a Writing Friend, try to find one. I'll be your Writing Friend, if you want, just PM me for AIM/Skype info. :D

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