Rachel (simsforaranya) wrote,

Lucy's Valley: Week Four - Benson-Fennel

We will begin this update with Buster reaching critical mass.

And kersploding into a rather handsome if generic doggie.

He gets one of the dug up bones to chew, and...

For once, my sims don't irritate me by forgetting about their pet as soon as it stops being a baby! XD

I made my entry-to-science requirements rather difficult, and since I'm going to have both Nirquel (Andi's hubby-to-be) and Spinifex wanting to join the career, both Poinsettia and Spinifex will be trying to max their logic skill to open two slots for next week.

(note: what I said re Nirquel last update kinda contradicts this, but I was playing THAT lot before I'd set the rules out properly. Nirquel will get up to snuff eventually.)

Since Knox is in the law enforcement career, Buster can be a security pet! Commence dog school. :D

Yeahhhh, we need to do something about this. Her LTW is 50, and she's due to become an elder this week!

Tyr Astrid (jens_sims) came home from school, and he and Poinsettia hit it off immediately. :D :D :D

And when I say immediately, I mean immediately. XD

Ava (swampyclouds) turns up, and I think she and Spinifex will also do nicely.

It isn't just because I have a thing for swampyclouds' sims. >__>


Oh, Tyr. You soooo don't look like you belong in this shiny little town. You need nightclubs. And plastic vampire fangs.

^my face while watching the kids be cute

Spinifex is reacting to snow, though. Not his sister. Because that would be Nope.

Why, thank you, Tyr!


We haven't seen much of Knox and Lilly this round, mainly because they've been working or on dates, but TIME TO FIX THAT.

The kids skedaddle on a hike, anddddd...

Raise your hand if you are surprised. *sees no hands* that is what I thought. XD

I would like this kitty.

I really feel like there are two separate families in this lot. Knox and Lilly kinda do their own thing, and Spinifex and Poinsettia manage to do their homework, feed themselves, and get their socialization from each other/friends, without need of parents. Tis weird.

And two!

In fairness, they were both fairly highly logic-skilled at the beginning of the week. XD

And now Spinifex gets started on the other aspect of getting into the science career: BUILDING A ROBOT ARMY MUAHAHAHAHAHA working on his robotics skill badge.

I don't have dogs very often, so eeeeeeee!

Three guesses who Poinsettia is talking to:

If you said, "Tyr" three times, you win. XD

They managed to get their relationship that high with a single date. And daily phone calls. XD

And so time for another date! At a cute little park earned by having eight households. Yes, I'm aware that all the little "stats" bits I've been posting all Week 4 say seven households, but I kinda forgot about how Libby and Owen brought back Bigfoot and then Bigfoot moved out on his own. Whupsie. >__>

PRETTY. (Laena by geirrendour)

She makes straight for the coffee stand while Tyr attacks Poinsettia with pillows. XD

Clark (boolpropaganda) thinks this is depressing park behavior.

Clearly FAR more appropriate.

...crap. I have forgotten his name. G-Jorgen? Jorgen something. His last name in my game is Moon, but that is because I give my townie families dumb names, like Wednesdayer and Borebub.

HAH, REMEMBERED. Jorgen Gangly by Petchy.

This is Poinsettia's sneaky face. It is REALLY deceptive, innit.

Bianca Bunny (lilith_sims) is now a cop! Who knew??

Tidying up inventories and...I have no memory of this.

In the distance:
Doctor: Hey. How come HE gets to be ginger??

Old!Knox. :D


Perfect, perfect timing, phone call.

Soooo. Her brother's been taken by aliens, the birthday cake added a couple pounds that her shirt mesh can't handle, and now is obviously the time to teach the dog to play dead.

Annnd that's the look of childhood's end.






I have no more reallys to give.

Meanwhile: Buster's the best.

First pop! and since at this point my TM manternity defaults were broken, I'm going to play the family until the birth, which'll be sometime Tuesday. They'll just get a short Week 5.

Don't want poor Spinifex wandering around the hood in broken pants for a whole round. >__>

While Lilly almost electrocutes herself,

Spinifex takes the concept of 'pregnancy glow' a little too far maxes out his science enthusiasm.

He's spending all his time in undies because it is the only TM manternity thing that wasn't broken. XD

Stanley from slyndsey. :D

More dates for these two.

Poinsettia: Brother, are you feeling ok?
Spinifex: Why do you-

Spinifex: -oh.

Old!Lilly currently looks just like Young!Lilly.

And Spinifex exercises his pregnant butt by playing pirates in the bathtub.

V. Manly.

...Poinsettia, where did Tyr get a limo??

Oh yes, oldified!Lilly. She's lovely. This skin doesn't wrinkle, but she's an alien, so eh. XD


Julian stops by to see how everything is going annddddd...


Spinifex, how did you even FIT three babies in that tiny belly bump??

Ok, names. First born, red haired, default alien-eyed and -skinned girl is Dalea. Second is red haired, default alien-skinned, boy who has Lilly's eyes: Delonix. And the final baby, alien-eyed and -skinned, black haired girl, is Danae.

Thank plumbbob for one-tile baby cribs. @_@

What have I doneeeeeeeee.

Look at how Spinifex is all "I MADE DIS" proud-daddy but not holding any babies, Lilly's stuck holding two of them, and Danae doesn't even show up. :|||

The family taxes are $7,000, bringing the total town funds to $78,800.

Playables: 28 (+3 unexpected alien babies)
Sim Multiplier (SM): 2
Population: 56
Households: 8 (no actual change, I just forgot about Bigfoot)
Community lots: 6 (Gorgeous Grown Things L10 [Cuevas], Second Hand Store [npc], Glade L3 [Fennel], Town Hall [npc], Flower Shoppe L0 [Bigfoot], Romantic Garden [npc])
Utilities: unlocked, with requirements
Townies: unlocked
CAS points: 5
Career slots: 9 (education x2, filled x2, law enforcement, filled, business, filled, adventurer, filled, entertainment, filled, dance [teen], filled, natural scientist, filled, science, filled, science x2, filled x1)
Careers unlocked: Politics, Law
Home Businesses: 0
Tags: bacc, family: benson-fennel, lucy's valley, lv:w04
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