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Lucy's Valley: Week Four - Benson

We begin this week at the Benson household with a genie lamp, yay! The matchmaker tried to drop it off first thing on Monday morning, but because of something (probably the tiny landing and door taking up all of that space), it gliched out and they didn't get their lamp. MUAHAHAHAH I FIXED IT.

And by fixed it, I mean I downloaded a buyable one, since it isn't fair that my lousy building design caused them to miss out on their magic lamp. XD

Andi wishes for happiness, and I remember that I wanted to check her ACR stats.


Here, this is Xoan Luker (chalkmetal). He's ADORABLE. Flirt with him.

Good little vampire alien. *pats*

He seems more interested in playing with Niamh, though. *sigh*

Gosh, he's ADORABLE.

Oooo, hello, Simon (slyndsey).



Also, her current "adventure" job is poking around the outskirts of Lucy's Valley to see if she can learn about the pirates that have buried so much treasure around the place. I don't think she can be lateeee~

Niamh: You're Andi's boss? Andi has a boss?

Andi is good big sister. :3

Meanwhile: Alden forgets he has daughters and focuses on his ~passion~ of robots. XD

Verryyyy appropriate, Andi. *facepalm*

Any bets that Niamh's going to grow up a popularity sim? *raises hand*

Definitely a popularity sim in the making. (sim on the other end of the phone is Nydia Fennel)

She isn't even a teen, and she has four best friends. N'awww.

Adult!Andi, prevamping.

Alden: Hey, there, daughter. Look at the sparkly lights~~

This animation always looks a bit skeevy. >___>

I greatly prefer how it works in TS3 (o___o did I just say I prefer something from ts3? HELL HATH FROZEN OVER) where if the sims are just acquaintances, they bite the wrist, and the neck is saved for lovers.

Or at least that is how I THINK it works. XD

Alden and Andi: ...wasn't something supposed to happen?

Just wait another second-

There it goes!


I'd forgotten how creepy the eye overlay in this default was on alien eyes. XD

Annnd I think I liked my fake-pire!Andi better. >__>

One last lot of homework, and then it is time for teen!Niamh. :D

Gosh, she's pretty.

Unlike what her childself seemed to indicate, she's a knowledge/romance sim who likes black hair and undies, but doesn't want to marry a vampire.

Her LTW, which, with my rules, is possible.

Andi and Alden seem to want it to happen the good old fashioned way, though. XD

(and yes, there was a time jump between these two pictures and the following ones, since I forgot to take LTW pics until the next morning. Now we're back to the night of the birthday)

Alden: So, you and your sister are aliens.

Niamh: ...Dad? Is that fake blood you're trialling safe? Because, uh, yeah.


I guess she wants to say hi to her other parent? XD

Not sure how the mirror is supposed to help you practice your speech when you can't see yourself, honey...

Since I haven't quite ironed out my college rules, Niamh's working on the other avenue of getting into her LTW career: painting masterpieces.

Note the want, and the puddle of UFO light around her feet.

Niamh seems to be the type to go out and get what she wants. XD

I wonder if Zille noticed the spaceship breaking into his bedroom.

I never really realized how strong Andi's jaw was.

All bask in the glory that is my massive-jawed alien vampire dread pirate. XD

First masterpiece. Ignore my 'hack closet' under the foundation. >__>

They're for fixing purposes, and for making the game work the way I want things. Not cheating. XD

Hey, Lisette! (voleste)

Since things bombed out with Xoan, meet Nirquel (geirrendour). I'll admit that I want cat-alien-vampire babies a little more than is sane. *whistles innocently*

Two bolts yesssss.

Awww, sweetheart.



Less 'awwww' and more 'eeeek!'.

I think she made her choice. XD

And as dawn breaks, she retreats to her coffin, with him on her mind, awwwww!

Second masterpiece!

And third, since she doesn't do anything besides paint, eat, sleep, and go to school. XD


AND FREAKING FINALLY. This vampire skills sooooo slowly.

Thank youuuu~

The Bensons have been the poorest of the founding families since the start, since no one was working before Andi.

And he's already in his field!

When I introduced my rules for Science at Spinifex Benson-Fennel's birthday, I said they needed a gold robotics badge before entering the career. But since Nirquel's already in it, I've decided that he can stay, but he has to work on robots every day, and be at gold before reaching the top of the career. :D

Awwww, Andi, you're adorable.

...I do not remember aiming Nirquel's chemistry right at Andi. OHHHHH yes, I got the one that replaced something broken with aliens. That's what happened.

Very scary.

And with that shiny happy moment, the Bensons are done for the week! :D

The family taxes are $2,000, bringing the total town funds to $71,800.

Playables: 25
Sim Multiplier (SM): 2
Population: 50
Households: 7
Community lots: 5 (Gorgeous Grown Things L10 [Cuevas], Second Hand Store [npc], Glade L3 [Fennel], Town Hall [npc], Flower Shoppe L0 [Bigfoot])
Utilities: unlocked, with requirements
Townies: unlocked
CAS points: 4
Career slots: 9 (education x2, filled x2, law enforcement, filled, business, filled, adventurer, filled, entertainment, filled, dance [teen], filled, natural scientist, filled, science, filled)
Careers unlocked: Politics, Law
Home Businesses: 0
Tags: bacc, family: benson, lucy's valley, lv:w04
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