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Lucy's Valley: Week Four - Fennel

I'm in a simming mood, but I can't bear to actually play my game (my graphics got all wonky when I updated my drivers, and I still haven't managed to get them right again :<), SO UPDATE WOOOO?

At the age of 47, in Week 4, Paddie finally gets to start working towards becoming The Law. She's starting from File Clerk, so it'll be a while, BUT she's starting before she hits Elder, so IT IS POSSIBLE YES.

(and that dress is obviously a good idea with broom riding. Clearly she's never listened to Nanny Ogg go on about how chilly it gets while riding brooms)

Taliesin continues working on his Good Magic skill. I'd like him to max it out before he hits adult, to go along with the "this is how I've decided his job and such works in my head" plan, but we shall see!

He's more interested in furthering his non-magical education. And girls. Yeahhhhhh.

Nydia: o____o
Wait, what?

Well. She's looking at Darryl and Karina's bedroom window, and we know what THEY like to get up to, sooooooo that expression is actually rather fitting. >___>

One promotion down, eight billion* to go!

*might be slightly exaggerated. SLIGHTLY**

**might be a slight understatement

And while Paddie studies towards her next promotion (since I foolishly didn't spend the time she wasn't able to work having her learn the RIGHT skills *facepalm*), Myron moves on towards his own LTW. :3


Even with Taliesin pulling teenaged hijinks and calling Mags up for some sneakiness.

(don't ask where she got a car in this carless community)

(also don't ask why this random cop caught him and brought him home rather than having his uncle do it. also don't ask where the cop got HIS car)

Sooooo that attempt at aspiration boosting failed epically.

Nydia would like her adorable blend of pointy and round acknowledged.

And can I say that seeing those BFF golden happy faces next to her cousins makes me RLY RLY HAPPY?

For someone who still has wants full of school-related things, you're awfully dramatic about doing your homework.

Taliesin: *randomly rerolls wants just to be stubborn*
Oh, and yes! Look! Maximum goodness and magic!

^these two are still adorbs.

@____@ woah.

I can honestly say that when I saw Nydia's spiky little face when she grew into a toddler, I was NOT expecting her to grow up like this.

Ahem. Anyway.

Nydia's a Fortune/Pleasure sim, and I've lost her turn ons/off. But they aren't THAT important, since she lives with a family of witches. >__> Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it at her birth, Nydia is not a witch, nor does she carry the gene.

Her LTW is also tied to a Cultural Center, but I'm tweaking the rules and "flavor text" for this career because I don't like it. XD


So yes, tweaking rules, but I'm going to make maxing dance enthusiasm part of it. XD

~overly artsy shots~

Taliesin fakes his way through a restaurant guide (since he's never been to one) but since MOST real restaurant guides fail to represent reality, I'm not fussed. XD

Libby Rinth comes home with Myron for post-work socialization. I've been invited out for drinks by my coworkers, but I don't think I'd go to their house. Ah, sims.

Oh goodness, that outfit!

Taliesin has Missing College feels.

(...did I really just write feels? SAVE ME.)

And whistles.

And handsomeness!

Someone made a wish, and it was pretty!

I decided that the requirements for ONE sim STARTING the Entertainment career would be maxed out magic (if you are a witch/warlock), maxed creativity, and maxed enthusiasm for either Music and Dance or Films and Lit. Once a sim has topped the career, they'll open a studio/school/show "venue", and then more sims will be able to start. :)

Additionally, there is a $25,000 contribution to town funds towards building a Cultural Center.

Nydia brings Xander Spoon (javabean_dreams) home from school, and he has glitchy fangs. He is NOT a vampire. XD


/first date spam


brb, dying.

Half of teaching something is being enthusiastic about it, so Nydia takes the Teen slot that was unlocked with the Cultural Center donation and her own pretty silver glow.

Paddie and Myron foreverrrrr.

Elder birthdays were being wonky in the other lot, so they move to a new lot!

Taliesin spends the morning gardening, and the afternoon looking rather silly.

Paddie does cooking!

And Myron reaches his LTW, HECK YES.

(yeah, it should have been Sunday, but I couldn't be bothered to reset the days of the week >___>)

New LTW, but he'll be sticking with his current career.

Apparently Paddie's upcoming birthday is sufficiently exciting that lightning has to strike at THAT EXACT MOMENT and turn the screen white. Which is always terrifying.

Myron's a day "older" than Paddie, so he ages up automatically.

And she quickly follows. :)


Oh, wow. I think I like Old!Paddie even more than I liked Young!Paddie. @_@

Despite magically growing grey hair, Paddie and Myron are still...Paddie and Myron.

Taliesin takes his earnings and a smallish percentage of his parents' money, and moves out.

While Paddie kicks puddles in her adorable puffy jacket.

This is their house!

I took the garden from one of allisas' Duckworth houses, and then built a house around it. I like it, even if it is going to have to be remodeled if Nydia stays home and has kids.

The family taxes are $2,000, plus $3,000 for the Level 3 business I forgot to show this round, and they contributed $25,000 towards a Cultural Center, bringing the total town funds to $94,700.

I know these "taxes and contributions" seem high, but in my head, the whole community is still focused on COMMUNITY, rather than making money, so they're eager to contribute towards getting Lucy's Valley all set and running for future generations. ^_^

The family taxes are $5,000 ($2,000 plus $3,000 for the business), bringing the total town funds to $69,700.

Playables: 24
Sim Multiplier (SM): 2
Population: 48
Households: 7
Community lots: 5 (Gorgeous Grown Things L10 [Cuevas], Second Hand Store [npc], Glade L3 [Fennel], Town Hall [npc], Flower Shoppe L0 [Bigfoot])
Utilities: unlocked, with requirements
Townies: unlocked
CAS points: 4
Career slots: 7 (education x2, filled x2, law enforcement, filled, business, filled, adventurer [teen], filled, entertainment, filled, dance [teen], filled)
Careers unlocked: Politics, Law
Home Businesses: 0

Tags: bacc, family: fennel, lucy's valley, lv:w04
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