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Lucy's Valley: Week Four - Montgomery

The losing-all-my-pictures scare made me realize how much I love these guys and all of you! So thus, update. While I hide under a blanket, try to get well, and watch Star Trek: TNG from the beginning. XD

First up, some badly posed pictures of the students of the town's school!
The Senior school, L-R: Spinifex Benson-Fennel, Poinsettia Benson-Fennel, Zille Cuevas, Andromeda (Andi) Benson, Taliesin Fennel, Myron Fennel (teacher).

The Junior school's solitary picture didn't turn out, so we have the whole school! Same as above, except for Julian Montgomery, Libby Rinth (teacher), Nydia Fennel, and Niamh Benson. :D

At the proper Montgomery lot, Karina (lilith_sims) gives Tara some well deserved snuggles.

And Julian (jens_sims) is a Very Odd Family Sim Indeed.

~Bringing home the groceriessss~

I love that when sims have groceries in their inventory (from shopping at Robynne's store), they go straight and put them away when they get home from work. :3

Hi, Sun! (alleliua)

THIS IS THE MOST ANNOYING THING. I'd grab a hack to remove it, but that makes jobs too easy. BUT UGH THE POP UPS.

Julian would like you to know that he's adorbs.

They I decided they needed another kid. While Tara's a carrier for the werewolf gene, I really didn't want Julian's supernatural trait to die out so quickly. SO HOPEFULLY THIS BABY WILL BE WOLFY, Y/Y?

Baby #3: In progress!

While _I_ love how I stuck Tara's crib under Julian's bunkbed, he is less than amused when she wakes him up at 6am.

WE HAVE A MAYOR! I can now finance a connection to downtown, though I honestly can't remember WHY I'd want to. I combined my Crystal Ridge rules with Nepheris' and some others, and I haven't played properly in MONTHS. SO I need to go reread my own rules at some point. XD

Tara's a bit scary.

Though now she's bigger! XD

But still scary.

Such serious children. I wonder if they'll both grow up to be serious teenagers/adults (like most of my sims) or if they'll end up more carefree.

:|||||| DO NOT WANT.

THOUGH. Since Lucy's Valley is supposed to be isolated, maybe the representatives for some big meeting were all gathered this way!

Hi, Niamh!

And Spinifex!

I need rooms that are big enough that I can take pictures without cutting off pieces of sims. >___>


Meet Emmaline! She has the same basic genetics as Julian (though with a freckly skin rather than a pixie skin), and HAS FULL WEREWOLF GENETICS, HECK YES.



Sorry, bud.

The kids were crying for a pet, so meet Bitts! Knox found him on his rounds and brought him around because he knew the Mongomerys were looking for a pet. ;)

Saturday morning pancakes, anyone??

Darryl's birthday is on Sunday, and whups. I really ought to have been paying more attention to my poor leader.

I guess he's just a really good leader who cares more about his people than himself!

Teen!Julian! He's a Family/Pleasure sim, who likes charisma skill and dyed hair, but not brunettes.

This SHOULD be possible by the time Julian has kids!

AWWW. What a good big brother. Giving Emmaline a much-needed diaper change before helping her with her birthday.


And since she's a werewolfling, she gets to play with the bones xylophone. XD



Every cat's relationship with every toddler ever.

YES. Maybe now he won't age up with minimum aspiration points!


Protip: Don't let werewolves cook once they've been werewolves long enough to lose all their neat points. :|

They have GOT to get a bigger house. :|

Either Darryl is getting more paternal as he approaches elderhood, or he somehow KNOWS that Emmaline is going to share his wolfy tendencies and thus is more interested in her. >__>

Gosh, she's cute.








Ok, I'll stop now. XD

Here, have Emmaline being sneaky and cute.

The house was ENTIRELY too small for five sims, so with bacc_krow's assistance (she drew on the pics I sent in Paint with different colors for suggestions XD), we made this!


And a few random interior shots, because reasons.

If only I could figure out how to avoid having some of the walls disappear in neighborhood view. :|

And with this totally adorable family summary pic, the week ends for the Montgomerys. I hope you enjoyed it, and the Fennels will be up soon! :D

This family doesn't pay taxes, so the town funds are still $64,700.

Playables: 24
Sim Multiplier (SM): 2
Population: 48
Households: 7
Community lots: 5 (Gorgeous Grown Things L10 [Cuevas], Second Hand Store [npc], Glade L3 [Fennel], Town Hall [npc], Flower Shoppe L0 [Bigfoot])
Utilities: unlocked, with requirements
Townies: unlocked
CAS points: 4
Career slots: 5 (education x2, filled x2, law enforcement, filled, business, filled, adventurer [teen], filled)
Careers unlocked: Politics, Law
Home Businesses: 0

Town funds gathered by taxes: $64,700
Tags: bacc, family: montgomery, lucy's valley, lv:w04
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