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Person Below Me: Alien Edition! Rayvyn Valyntyne

Another alien for the Person Below Me...Alien Edition at pixel_trade, this one done to a brief from ayachan072!

ayachan072 asked for "an angry teen female alien with bright blue skin, golden blonde hair and bright red eyes. She will have thin lips and large slanted eyes." Thus Rayvyn Valyntyne was born. In my head, she's the child of an alien and a vampire. Thus the blue alien skin and red vampire eyes. Due to her parents being all ~out there~, Rayvyn has some issues. Not to mention her name. What kid WOULDN'T end up with issues with a name like that?? XD

All of her 'piercings' are makeup of one form or another, thus getting around the very irksome thing where EA doesn't let teens have piercings. Also allows non-BV players to have them! Win all around!

Usually I take my profile and 3/4 view shots in bodyshop, buutttttt I kinda forgot one of the prompts, and when I went and fixed her, I forgot to take new bodyshop previews, except for the cc-free version. I'm smart, yes?

And now for three bonus shots before we get to the downloads!

I just about cried laughing when I saw how much Rayvyn and her 'mother' blended in to the loading background. Yes, I am easily amused.

Annnnnd she started arguing over the horrors of shoes the instant the game loaded. XD

This is Rayvyn all grown up, so you know how she'll end up!

Ready for downloads? Me too.

The CC version has custom hair, eyes, skin, clothing...basically everything. The non-CC version has all Maxis/default. Not, though, basegame. Her outfit came from the Teen Style stuff.

Download WITH CC

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