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Person Below Me: Alien Edition! Nive Spyros

pixel_trade is running another Person Below Me Challenge and I know I'm being insanely fast with this, but if I don't get it posted tonight, chances are it will be Friday afternoon or later before I get it up. Better a super eager beaver than a really late skate*, right?

* A skate is like a ray. A fishy thing that is related to a shark. I don't mean a hockey skate or an ice skate or any kind of skate that involves ice. Or little bits of black stuff called pucks. Or balls.

OK! My prompt was from the ever-awesome bondchick_nett. She wanted a "carefree, forest loving alien, with elf ears, big green eyes and a green thumb to match."

This is Nive Spyros. The name...don't ask. Spyros just popped into my head, and the word 'Nivelles' was on my 'forgotten English' calendar, and it grew from that! When making him in CAS, I gave him the turn-ons of plantsim and good at cleaning (because for some reason cleaning is tied to the nature hobby) and the turn-off of vampirism. Why? BECAUSE VAMPIRES NO GO OUTSIDE. XD

And since nothing says 'green thumb' better than plantsim...

(I changed the eyes between pics. He's packaged with the ones where he has long hair.)

Download Nive WITH CC

Download Nive WITHOUT CC

Each rar contains bodyshop previews of what the sim is (so like with CC or not), and a shiny preview that is an image from this entry, and shiny sim file! Install, as always with cleaninstaller, and enjoy!

And now I really need to go to bed so that I can get up for class in the morning. XD
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