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I've moved!

simsforaranya > darthfluffle

I hope to see you all more, now! ♥
*sneaks in*

*throws a thing at you*

*runs away*


I've been working at the school since...August? Yeah, August, as a reliever/substitute, and I fell in love with the school, so getting a job there? Pretty much the best thing ever, EEEEEE.

As of now, I don't know how this'll impact my simming, but who knows! I've been in a bit of a sims slump this year, mainly because of stress, so it is probable that I'll pop in from time to time.

ALSO, HOW IS EVERYONE DOING? I've been absent for entirelyyyy too long. :X

Lucy's Valley: Week Four - Fennel

I'm in a simming mood, but I can't bear to actually play my game (my graphics got all wonky when I updated my drivers, and I still haven't managed to get them right again :<), SO UPDATE WOOOO?

-Collapse )

Lucy's Valley: Week Four - Montgomery

The losing-all-my-pictures scare made me realize how much I love these guys and all of you! So thus, update. While I hide under a blanket, try to get well, and watch Star Trek: TNG from the beginning. XD

This picture has more sim in it than my usual LV teasers because SOMEONE forgot to make a teaser before cropping all the pics in the update.Collapse )